Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jews Invade GSO

I was scanning we101 to see what I'd missed the last few days when I came across this blog title, "Christians Invade GBO." Fec's a funny guy, so I read it. He makes me laugh even when he is very nasty. I even thought his comments on the Christian tour bus were funny:

"I spent the afternoon doing chores so boring as to be indescribable. My diabetes meds and lack of food gave me the shakes, so I ran over to McDonald’s on HP Road for a burger. As I arrived in the drive-thru lane, I noticed two large Christian Tour buses in the parking lot. The sadly dressed occupants were wandering around like rejects from a bad George Romero movie. Actually, I’m not aware of any good Romero movies, but that’s not the point. The good people of GSO should not have to put up with such people in our public places. Don’t they have churches or something for these extremely stupid and unattractive people, except for one scrumptious thing who is, undoubtedly, on her last Christian Tour? I was not aware the McD’s on HP Road was a shrine. They almost ruined my appetite."

Now it's no skin of my nose really, but I did wonder....suppose we substituted "Jews" for "Christians" in the post. I have no doubt that Jewish people do bus tours too. They probably even stop to eat, well, somewhere.

Imagine reading:

"Don’t they have synagogues or something for these extremely stupid and unattractive people, except for one scrumptious thing who is, undoubtedly, on her last Jewish Tour? I was not aware the McD’s on HP Road was a shrine. They almost ruined my appetite."

My guess is if I wrote an article entitled "Jews Invade Greensboro" I'd be roundly condemned. I would called hateful and many other awful things.

But Fec didn't get of that. So why not?

These double standards reveal much about us. And they should bother all of us.


Fec said...

I think a post so dreadful as mine deserves some explanation. I consider myself a Christian, lapsed though I may be. Therefore, I consider an attack on Christians to be one against my kind. Those folks could very well have been my aunts, uncles and cousins. The bus driver had committed an act of potentially dangersous foolishness. Besides, I was bored.

Fec said...

Also, I enjoyed our recent conversation and was looking for an opp to start the party. Truthfully, I go days without seeing another white person. Seeing a bunch of them was startling. The way they wandered around so nonchalantly chafed my hide when I spend every second making sure my windows are up and my doors locked. I'm also constantly scanning my mirrors for cars and people.

Jews, Chinese, Blacks or Hispanics behaving in such a manner? I don't think so. Martians would've had better sense.

Anonymous said...

Fec, you can head over to 16th Street on a Friday around noon and see a simlar sight to do a "Muslims Invade Greensboro" post.

Fec Stench said...

Will do. Thanks. Currently reading the adventures of Sir Richard Farncis Burton. Fascinating religion.

Sue said...

You know what they call non-Jews who tell "Jewish jokes?"


Joel said...

So, what's the point Sue? I'm missing it.

Sue said...

The point, obviously made badly by me, is that similar people can attack their "own kind" but "outsiders" cannot. It's why African Americans often use the "n" word to talk about others but white people can't. It's why so many Jewish comedians can make "Jewish jokes" but non-Jews should not. And on and on. We seem to tolerate jokes, satire or sarcasm better from those who are steeped in the culture than from those we assess as "outsiders."

I have to remember how badly sarcasm travels in text without being labeled as such.

Dave Ribar said...


You're about three decades too late with the jewish tourist idea. One episode of the 1970s fake talk show, "Fernwood Tonight," featured an appearance by a jew who had been caught speeding through Fernwood. Through alternative sentencing, the man was forced to appear on the show.

A write-up is available at,9171,915238,00.html .

My recollection is that that segment was recognized for what it was--satire--and didn't lead to a huge outcry.

Dave Ribar said...

Sorry, the link got cut off.

Joel said...


That is cute and all, but Fec's piece was not satirical. And for someone to write publicly what he has about his own beliefs (or lack thereof), and then to call himself a Christian, but a lapsed one, which, as per Sue's argument I suppose makes it OK for him to slander or stereotype Christians, is just ridiculous. The double standard is pretty obvious. I am not taking issue with what Fec wrote so much as with the likelihood that if I wrote a similar non satirical thing about Jews there would be people all over me, even if I proclaimed myself to be Jew, though a lapsed Jew. I don't know, does Fec think that be Christianity is like a ethnicity, where you can be an ethnic Christian, though not a believing one, and still say you're a Christian? Oh, and then that gives you a pass for making all sorts of demeaning "inside" insults and critiques? I remember Sue griping one time about "Jews for Jesus" (I think it was Sue - if not, sorry, it was someone here though) not being real "Jews." So, I guess that means that an ethnic Jew who is a Christian has less right to talk negatively about things Jewish than a profoundly agnostic, of not atheistic lapsed Christian has to talk about things Christian? And by the way, I do have a sense of humor and laugh all the time at depictions people make of Christians, yet, I don't have a sense of humor about the double standards.

Dave Ribar said...


I guess that satire is in the eye of the beholder :)

As you said at the beginning of the post, Fec is funny but nasty at times.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a few weeks after the fact, but our culture is very much one that is politically correct when it comes to every religion but Christianity. It is an absolute on point observation that in our culture right now it is okay to slur, or joke about or even say terrible things about christianity, but NEVER okay to say the same thing about jews, hindus, muslims, or even about radical islamists.